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a visual storyteller


Coffee Lover

Graphic Designer


a visual storyteller

Deliberate + purposeful content

Hello. My name is Aaron, and I’m a photographer with a passion in travel, design, coffee + learning.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my amazing wife and our two non-human children. Currently, we are using our time to learn the Hmong language. In addition to language learning, I work I with various clients in the field of ebook publishing, photography and visual design. I love the storytelling process and enjoy working with cool people who are trying to tell their story.

Whether you are a company, sole proprietor or a couple looking to get married, I work alongside my incredible wife, Jaylene, to create simple, clean content amidst an over saturated world of information and noise.

Creating a Purposeful message

When you Remove the non-essential

What matters will come into focus

Simply Do More

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify”

Henry David Thoreau


Being heard can be very difficult. With so much noise, it’s like everyone is shouting. What is most important to you?

My goal is to tell compelling and engaging stories. It’s about creating something that’s worth being heard and told. I work to  visualize, document and create stories that fit your values.

The best content is simple, clean and concise. My goal is to create something that’s compelling, purposeful and engaging.

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